Why go Organic

Why go Organic, going organic for our fur babies has multiple benefits, there are fewer toxins in the food we prepare for them. It reduces hip, joint, cancer, liver, and heart problems. If we start our fur babies out on a balanced diet there will be less health problems. Let’s think about this for a minute, how many have we gone to the grocery store or the pet store and ponder what food we should buy for our fur babies? Which one is the better product? In reality none of them are. Going organic is the better choice, when we go to the grocery store and buy food for ourselves why can’t we buy our fur babies the same food. If we prepare the food for our fur babies at least we know they are getting the best nutrition for them. How many times have you heard of a recall on pet food? Or how many times have you had that thought is this food causing an allergic reaction to the food you are giving them?

Or is it causing cancer? Does it have enough vitamins, are they getting the right nutrition. Going organic we can monitor the food we give them. By going organic is the better choice, they have less health problems, more energy, stamina, and they feel more alive. I’ve been doing organic with my fur babies for about 8 years now.

They have a shiner coat, more energy, the just feel better all around.

Going organic on treats, toys, bath, and cat litter.

You can make your own treats with some peanut butter and oatmeal, toys, if your creative you can make your own toys with hemp, or find toys that have go green.

Bath time just run a normal bat make sure it’s not to hot and add your oatmeal, coconut oil to the water, rub in just like shampoo, repeat if necessary.

Cat litter there are so many options for cat litter, you can use wheat, wood pellets, ( not the ones that go in a pellet stove ) wood chips.Key words

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  1. Wonderful article! I’m thinking about getting a cat in the near future so figuring out the best kind of foods to feed them is always needed. Now I have a clearer sense of what I should look for. Thanks!

    1. Thank you 😉 I believe going organic is the best way to go. Better for your fur baby in the long run. I’ve been doing organic for some time now, and my cats love it.
      Thank you again for the feed back

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